11  Control the metadata

11.1 Individual (contributor, maintainer) metadata

11.1.2 My profile picture or contributor statistics do not show up

Same as above. If no picture shows up, you probably need to register the email address that you use as R package maintainer in your GitHub settings, and wait for the package to be rebuilt.

11.2 Package metadata

The first step towards making your package easier to find by search is to polish the Description and Details fields in DESCRIPTION.

11.2.1 How to add keyword labels to an R package?

If the R package is hosted on GitHub you can add keywords by configuring repository topics. Alternatively, you can specify keywords in the X-schema.org-keywords field in your package DESCRIPTION file. This field is permitted on CRAN as well.

The build system may also add some keywords automatically based on analysis of the package, including the names of system libraries that the package links to, or language tags like c++ or openmp.

11.2.2 How to get a package logo shown in the packages tab

We use the same conventions as pkgdown to find a logo for the package. It either needs to be in one of the locations checked by pkgdown:::find_logo() (man/figures/logo.png and man/figures/logo.svg) or set as an opengraph image in your _pkgdown.yml.