7  Binaries

7.1 Does R-universe have Linux binaries?

Yes, but right now we only provide binaries for a single linux target: r-release on ubuntu:latest. This is the platform that the R-universe build system itself runs via the base-image, and we use these binaries when installing dependencies of a package.

To use these binaries on Linux you need to add the corresponding repository to your repos. It is not needed to set a custom UserAgent. For example for the jeroen universe:

options(repos = c(
  linux = 'https://jeroen.r-universe.dev/bin/linux/noble/4.4/',
  sources = 'https://jeroen.r-universe.dev',
  cran = 'https://cloud.r-project.org'

See how this is done automatically in the base image when an environment variable MY_UNIVERSE is set.

7.2 How to use WebAssembly Binaries

We have experimental support for webassembly binaries! You should use the official r-wasm repository for dependencies. For example to install the dev version of dplyr:

  repos = c('https://tidyverse.r-universe.dev', 'https://repo.r-wasm.org'))